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Get your sketchbook now at the "Books and Comics" page!

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Heading 4

COMING SOON! John Howard's She-Male Trouble - Collecting art and comics from She-Male Trouble #1-3 along with lots of never before published material!

I'm currently shopping around for a printer that won't lose their mind when confronted with this unmitigated filth. The finished product will be 156 softbound pages with full color covers. 

Here's a couple of things I recently added color to.

Just a bunch of random stuff. What am I, a webpage designer?

Horny Biker Slut (Monolithic)
XPOSE cutout
Rock Show color
Show Pony 100%
Shit Brown
The Leopard Girl
Lemmy Has Needs
The Baroness
Strip (76)
Horny biker Slut Comics #13
Strip (2)_edited
Catfish (1)
Strip (71)
Catfish Intro Wash_edited
Rob Has Needs b
Tight Skirt
Meet The New Boss b
_Jaded Girl On Sofa
Christmas Magic (1)
Catfish Jaguar
Catfish Signing Poster Art (Wash)
Cover (Color)
The Kaiser
Devil Girl (Final Version)
Wicked Stepmother
Badly Drawn Book (1)
Strip (61)
Strip (50)
Worm's Eye b
Black Canary
Brutal Girlfriend
Hot Diggetty
Badly Drawn Book (12)
Catfish (94)
Asses of Death
Night Girl (color)
Homewrecker 1
Strip (29)
Clutch 13
Fiction (35)
Mischa Gauss X
The Fly Swatter - Full Version - JPEG + 20% contrast
Catfish big poster Final
Spacegirl (2)
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