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Anything for a buck, I say! Here are some samples of commissioned work I've done over the years and how much I charged for it (to the best of my recollection.) If you have stuff you need drawn and you like the way I draw stuff, contact me HERE and we'll sort it all out. I will gladly discuss your idea with you and even do a preliminary sketch for free, then I'll bill you via Paypal and as soon as your money is securely in my possession the real work can begin.

Full page comic strip - $150

Poster design - $150

Color drawing - $150

Advertisement - $75

Magazine illustration - $150

T-Shirt design. Free t-shirt.

Page of comics (black & white) - $150

Black & white drawing - $50

CD art - $50

Two page color comic strip - $300

Concert poster - $150

CD art - $150

Black & white drawing - $75

Poster design - $150

Website art - $200

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